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6 Cornhill Street What started on a whim in 2005 has grown into the largest online community for luxury home fragrance. Why? Because of you, our customers. We listen to you, laugh with you and learn from you. We share your passion for fine fragrance and want our homes to smell as stunning as an exquisite painting by Monet.

2017 Renard Court Finding the right fragrance makes you feel special and beautiful inside. It isn't always easy to find the right fit, though. That's why we're here to help. We thoughtfully select the best brands and collections to provide a selection that is refined yet extensive. However, fragrance without performance is a unacceptable. That's why we test every brand for strict quality measures before we offer them to you. We review hundreds of brands and turn away far more than we let in to bring you candles worth their price. Let us help you find your next masterpiece.

Thank you for joining us on We hope you enjoy your stay.

Dave & Sue Adams

Our Manifesto

Stop and smell the candles

Tunnels are for cars, not candles

Wick trimmers are as essential as nail clippers

It's all about the fragrance

Soot is not acceptable
Clean glass is the prettiest

An even burn is as beautiful as a still lake

Everything looks better in candlelight

Fragrance changes everything