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Aquiesse Holiday Collection
Enjoy the holidays with a beautiful candle from Aquiesse. The Aquiesse Holiday Collection features the same stunning glass vessel and fire resistant snuffer/base/cover packaged in a decorative box with gold foil. At just $32 for 100 hours of luxurious illumination, this collection is a must-have.

Aquiesse Cinnamon Tabac
Gifts of golden cinnamon gently dusted over warm vanilla, with hints of sweet aged tobacco, summoning memories of the glow from a stone fireplace.

Aquiesse Frankincense & Myrrh
Ancient ambrosial frankincense and the fragrant sap of the exotic myrrh tree, have perfumed sacred cathedral air for centuries, in rituals worthy of goddesses and kings.

Aquiesse Monterey Pine
The crisp scent of frosted Evergreen pines, Canadian balsam wood and fresh thyme, evoking a snowy journey through a verdant forest glen.

Aquiesse Winter Currant
A lavish cornucopia of ripe red currants, cassis, and heirloom citrus fruits, encircled by the woodsy aroma of antiqued French oak.

All About Aquiesse
Join us from 11/7 to 11/17/11 and enter for a chance to win a prize pack featuring 2 fragrances from the Aquiesse Holiday Collection. 2 chances to win! Click here for details on how to enter.