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Aquiesse Mandarin Tea Candle

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Aquiesse Mandarin Tea Candle
Price: $38.00
A clean blend of fresh mandarine, ceylon tea, and exotic woods. 283g/10oz. 100+ hours. Cotton wick. Made in the USA.
Aquiesse candles use lead-free, cotton wicks for optimal burn time and a clean, even burn performance. The reusable, smoke-brown glass is stunning and looks beautiful in every home. The Aquiesse custom glass candle cover is designed to serve as a pedestal for the candle to rest on while burning, to extinguish the candle, and also to keep the wax dust free when not in use.

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Great Blend!
Susan Webster Adams (Candles Off Main) 11/9/2011 10:18 PM
I'm a big tea drinker so I love the idea of tea-scented candles. Many times, though, I'm disappointed. Typically tea blends come across too bitter or floral. Aquiesse, however, managed to create a beautiful blend. It's a perfect balance between tea and mandarin. The orange notes lift the tea scent to make it fresh and vibrant while the wood notes help ground the scent so you don't float away into oblivion. The mandarin is also smooth which I love. Sometimes orange notes come across like public bathrooms or Agent Orange cleaning spray. This fragrance is perfect in every aspect. A good afternoon blend - lively and soothing.
Near perfect tea scent...
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 11/7/2011 5:26 PM
I love this fragrance! I can't rave enough about it as a tea based scent. I am not normally crazy for tea-scents but this did the trick for me. I love that it almost smells like the tea you get at a Chinese restaurant. Almost like Oolong tea. It is pretty similar to that scent. There is a nice twist of citrus to it that gives it a little kick but I love how warm it is as well. It's very rich and well-rounded. The throw is not INCREDIBLE but I would say it is a 4/5 for a small room. I bought this with White Tea & Mint (I went tea-crazy!) and prefer this over the other. This is just more deep and mysterious. Good job Aquiesse!