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Aquiesse White Tea & Mint Candle

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Aquiesse White Tea & Mint Candle
Price: $38.00
Sorry, this item has been retired.
The Aquiesse White Tea & Mint candle is a fresh blend of white tea, night blooming jasmine and fresh spearmint. 283g/10oz. 100+ hours. Cotton wick. Made in the USA.
Aquiesse candles use lead-free, cotton wicks for optimal burn time and a clean, even burn performance. The reusable, smoke-brown glass is stunning and looks beautiful in every home. The Aquiesse custom glass candle cover is designed to serve as a pedestal for the candle to rest on while burning, to extinguish the candle, and also to keep the wax dust free when not in use.

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Super Fresh!
Susan Webster Adams (Candles Off Main) 11/15/2011 11:13 AM
This is a fantastic fragrance if you are looking for something fresh. It comes across so clean that it reminds me of lemon scents but without the citrus. The mint is bright and lively and the jasmine adds just enough intrigue to keep it from becoming boring. Many times white tea fragrances can be too tart for me, but this one if very well balanced and enjoyable when burning. It has a lot of personality for a white tea scent and I enjoy and admire that. This candle would be great in the morning or afternoon to help energize or in the kitchen for a fresh and clean scent. Fragrance intensity 3.5/5. Burn quality 4.5/5.
Superb Tea Blend
Debra (Chesterland, Ohio) 11/12/2011 1:46 AM
This is a truly beautiful take on a tea scent. I can honestly say that Aquiesse has done an amazing job at creating not one but TWO tea-based fragrances. Mandarin Tea is White Tea & Mint's warmer, more exotic big brother. White Tea & Mint has a more fresh, clean, lively feel to it. The mint gives it that uplifting property and the jasmine adds just a hint of elegance to it. The tea itself comes across as the strongest fragrance note but it is lightened and made more clean by the super-fresh spearmint accord. This candle is extremely light and airy. I love how this scent completely invigorates the mood of the room it is burning in. I would give it 5 stars if it had just a LITTLE bit more throw to it. Otherwise, this is just wonderful!
Fresh tea...
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 11/7/2011 2:19 PM
I recently bought this along with Mandarin Tea by Aquiesse. I guess I was just in the perfect mood for some tea-scents! I have been quite impressed with this blend. I love the minty aspect to the tea. It has a really bold freshness to it that is rounded out beautifully by the floral jasmine and the tea. It truly comes across as a very TEA based fragrance...which is great. It doesn't really compare to Mandarin Tea in regards to the throw of it though. There has been a very LIGHT throw to this...which bums me out. When I buy a candle I want a POW! fragrance that fills the room with no issues and this does not do that. It's a shame because I really adore the cold scent of it and I think it could be amazing if it had more power to it. One of the best tea-scents I have tried but lacking in throw. 3/5.