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Aura Sublime (Pomegranate Pink Pepper) Candle

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Aura Sublime Candle
Aura Sublime Candle
Price: $26.00
Sorry, this item is no longer available.
Sublime: supreme or outstanding. An earthy and sensual blend of pomegranate, pink pepper, plum, Italian bergamot and patchouli. 10 oz. Burn time: 70 hours. Soy wax. Cotton wick. Hand-poured in the USA.
Aura creates creamy, generously scented soy wax candles made with the finest fragrance and essential oils. Each evocative blend is designed to burn slow, clean and completely without tunneling. This fun and slightly edgy candle line is simple, yet detailed, and always down to earth.

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Sweet and Spicy!
Dina (Cleveland, OH) 11/18/2010 10:48 AM
I didn't realize how good Sublime was until the second time I burned it. It's deliciously sweet yet has a great spiciness to it. A really unique and fantastic combination. It's Sublime!
Debra (Chesterland,Ohio) 11/17/2010 1:01 AM
Sublime gave my house a little kick! The pepper came through nicely and worked splendidly with the pomegranate and patchouli. I am not a patchouli fan. I think it is a bit too heavy for me most times but I adore all things plum and bergamot. I didn't really catch the bergamot that much with this but the pepper and pomegranate worked wonders on my mood! This really seemed to brighten my day a bit! Aura is an amazing new company with a plethora of fabulous fragrance blends to try. Find what works for you. They have so many amazing choices!
Ryan (Cleveland,Ohio) 11/16/2010 5:14 PM
This scent baffled me when I first smelled it! The pepper and pomegranate seemed like they were in the forefront of the accords but the other notes of plum and bergamot hit you nicely as you burn this. This is one of the more interesting and mysterious of Aura's scents. It wasn't my FAVORITE blend but I enjoyed burning it. I liked the pepper and fruit coming together. I am also not the biggest patchouli fan so I always get a bit squeamish when it is used in a fragrance but it wasn't cloying or pungent in this. Very subtle and nicely done.
I love Sublime!
Wendy (San Clemente, CA) 11/15/2010 12:13 AM
Aura Candles is by far my favorite candle company. Sublime is a unique blend, with a subtle yet fragrant enough smell to fill any room, and make your home feel soothing, calm, and warm. I always light mine when having guests over. I have yet to find any other candle that has such an interseting mix of scents, that leave you wanting more:) A+
Sublime is Sublime
Annie (Naples) 11/14/2010 11:56 PM
Although Patchouli is one of my least favorite scents, the Pomegranate and White Pepper balance it out for a terrific blend. Both the cold and hot throw are strong. In comparing Voluspa's Pomegranate Patchouli to Aura's Sublime, I chose Sublime