This Hot Mama scented soy candle has a sugar & spice fragrance. Cinnamon and nutmeg get rounded out by buttery icing.

A Scent of Scandal Hot Mama Soy Candle

A Scent of Scandal Hot Mama (sugar & spice) Candle

A Scent of Scandal candles are hand-poured from 100% soy wax with metal-free, all-cotton wick so they are good for you and the environment. These fragranced soy candles are made in an 8 oz. tin with a burn time of 30-35 hours.

These candles keep us laughing everyday! They make a fantastic gift that will not be forgotten. A Scent of Scandal soy candles are new to our store and it is becoming one of our besting candle lines. We really love these scented soy candles, and the tin helps make them fun, functional and a great gift.

Beware, these ain't your grandma's candles! These natural candles contrast a very classy, rustic look with a funny, scandalous association between the name and fragrance. A Scent of Scandal was created by brother and sister team Ari Solomon and Heather Brancaccio.

CELEBRITIES WHO'VE BEEN CAUGHT WITH A SCANDAL... Eva Longoria... Paris Hilton... Kanye West... Sandra Oh... Ashton Kutcher.... Demi Moore... Stacy Keibler... Jeremy Piven... Carmen Electra... Cameron Diaz... Justin Timberlake... Ryan Seacrest... Dane Cook... Kelly Monaco... Sheryl Crow... Chris Kattan... Angie Harmon... Carrie Fisher... David Spade... Alan Cumming... James Cameron Mitchell... Courtney Love... Katie Holmes... Sophia Bush... Tyler Hilton... Danny Masterson...

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