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Creative Candles hand-dipped taper candles are elegant enough to have been featured at the White House, Oprah's 50th Birthday extravaganza and the Martha Stewart Show. Created with a blend of superior quality waxes including beeswax, these tapers enjoy a long burn time and are drip and smoke resistant.

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Creative Candles 12" Standard Tapers (2 Candles)
More Colors Available
Price $10.00
Creative Candles 18" Standard Tapers (2 Candles)
More Colors Available
Price $14.00
Creative Candles 12" Beeswax Tapers (2 Candles)
More Colors Available
Price $12.75

More on Creative Candles
Creative Candles taper candles use a pure cotton wick to allow for a slow and even burn. Skilled artisans create these hand-dipped tapers one paper-thin layer at a time to ensure a unique depth of color and a beautiful matte finish. Each of the colors is hand-dipped 25 times to create the elegant shape and solid-color throughout.

Old world craftsmanship combined with current styles and home trends has created the extensive product line for Creative Candles for 50 years. They create some of the tallest handdipped taper candles in the world. With a wide spectrum of color choices, Creative Candles has the perfect hand-dipped candle for every style and occasion.

Creative Candles makes beautiful candles of exceptional performance. Time, effort, and care go into each Creative Candle®. Trained artisans handcraft each candle in small batches to ensure quality and integrity.

Recently, Creative Candles were revealed as a "secret source" on the Martha Stewart show. Creative Candles hand dipped tapers have graced the tables at the White House, Lincoln Center, The Waldorf Astoria, the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, countless weddings, galas, dinners for royalty, celebrity parties, and numerous special events.