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Modern Alchemy Opium Den Candle

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Modern Alchemy Opium Den Candle
Price: $48.00
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Collapse into a languid, hazy cloud and submit to smoldering resins, opiates and tobacco fumes of this candle. 7.4oz. Approx 40 hours.
Modern Alchemy candles are comprised of a patented blend of high-grade European waxes, many of which are used for luxury body creams and lotions. This formula not only burns cleaner than any other candle, it also houses the delicately balanced essential oils without altering their fragile character. The wax in these candles is specifically designed to have a low melting temperature, thereby yielding a greater liquified surface area by which to better release the fragrance held within. The wick used in all Modern Alchemy candles is hand-braided cotton and lead-free.

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CarrieMeredith (Chicago, IL) 4/20/2011 7:08 PM
This is pretty much my favorite candle, it has the best rich, spicy incense fragrance. It is potent, intoxicating and burns evenly. One gripe- they don't last very long and are not inexpensive. For a treat, there's nothing I'd rather have.
Candle Review
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 7/17/2010 12:27 AM
Opium den is one of those scents that makes me feel like I can just lean back and relax. It's an altogether masculine, refined, and smoldering scent that is literally one of the best "tobacco" geared fragrances out there. I normally dislike tobacco scents but this one reminds me of this old hangout my friends and I would go to in middle school and high school. It's a very hip/trendy candle that is altogether warming. It's the perfect candle for a night in. The amber in it makes it great for the fall season. I had this candle burning in my house and my father was visiting from out of town and he remarked that my house smelled of his "Youth in the 70's" which I feel has some significance towards the kind of scent that it is. I love it. It's beautiful yet rough at the same time. This is also a very hypnotic scent. It has a complete charm about it that is truly unique yet altogether familiar in a strange, comforting way. Love this. Highly recommend as a gift to a boyfriend/husband/male-friend or any pal who happens to love rich, complex incense type fragrances.
Sue (Candles Off Main) 6/29/2010 8:22 PM
This is Dave's favorite candle. It has a strong smokey/incense/tobacco scent. Very fragrant. Beautiful red wax.
Sutlry and Sexy
Kim (Seattle) 3/3/2010 6:49 PM
I love Opium Den. The scent if so so sexy. The candle will fill the whole room, if not the whole house. This one of my favorite Modern Alchemy.