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Modern Alchemy Secret Society Candle

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Modern Alchemy Secret Society Candle
Price: $48.00
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From their hidden temples and obscure loges, secret societies practice rites obscure and divine. “Secret Society” is a mysterious and powerful blend of frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli and juniper. 7.4oz. Approx 40 hours.
Modern Alchemy candles are comprised of a patented blend of high-grade European waxes, many of which are used for luxury body creams and lotions. This formula not only burns cleaner than any other candle, it also houses the delicately balanced essential oils without altering their fragile character. The wax in these candles is specifically designed to have a low melting temperature, thereby yielding a greater liquified surface area by which to better release the fragrance held within. The wick used in all Modern Alchemy candles is hand-braided cotton and lead-free.

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cold blue torch
dirtyboy (chicago) 4/9/2013 3:39 AM
thankfully secret society isnt very churchy despite the frankincense and myrrh , unlike cire trudons spiritus sancti or heeley's cardinal . ive done my church quota when i was a young altar boy and i even worked voluntary saturday mass . instead this candle is cool and resinous , sweetened slightly by cedar and patchouli . the sandalwood has a smoothing quality over the warm incense that isnt bone dry either . the deep blue color of the vessel and wax really push the cold feeling in my imagination . when i have this burning i always turn the vessel so the etched art faces me and once the wax hits a certain level , to just above the hand shake in the art , u can watch the cold blue flame on the inside flicker behind the flames above the hands . however one can never escape the church vibe from burning frankincense except this isnt the outward face of a casual mass . for me i think somethin more esoteric , somethin behind the scenes , maybe from below . its dark and far removed from the gold hues of brightly lit candles on an altar and if church is even in my thoughts when i smell this its when the lights are off and only the cobalt blue and vermillion stained glass color the darkness for an empty audience . secret society evokes images of hidden entrances , gargoyles , hooded robes ushering between vaults , deeply colored paintings w/ images of cryptic symbols surrounding saintly but unrecognized faces , tomes filled w/ blank pages , hallways that somehow lead back to where you started even tho you turned no corners . the fear comes not from anything outwardly menacing but from not knowing what happens within . throw is 3 outta 5 . fragrance 4 outta 5 . of all the history candles ive burned secret society is my top favorite