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Modern Alchemy Tincture of Winchester Candle

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Modern Alchemy Tincture of Winchester Candle
Price: $48.00
Sorry, this item is not available.
A fire arsenal of wood stock, 19th century lacquer and smoky gunpowder. 7.4oz. Approx 40 hours.
Modern Alchemy candles are comprised of a patented blend of high-grade European waxes, many of which are used for luxury body creams and lotions. This formula not only burns cleaner than any other candle, it also houses the delicately balanced essential oils without altering their fragile character. The wax in these candles is specifically designed to have a low melting temperature, thereby yielding a greater liquified surface area by which to better release the fragrance held within. The wick used in all Modern Alchemy candles is hand-braided cotton and lead-free.

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I love this fragrance!
Susan Webster Adams (Candles Off Main) 1/12/2011 2:44 PM
I'm crazy about this scent. It has a smokey and slightly sweet quality to it. Great combination and the color is beautiful. I only wish it was more fragrant. The scent was very subtle for me. I would love 2 or 3 of these in a room (and I'm a busy mom, Ryan;). Great scent!! I didn't have any soot (as Jasmine mentioned - but hers also seemed to be far more fragrant than mine) but I did have slight tunneling. Burn quality 3.5/5. Fragrance intensity 1/5.
One of my faves!
Jasmine Parks (San Diego) 7/22/2010 9:16 PM
I love this line from D.L. because you get the incredibly unique mixology he is known for at a reasonable cost. This blend is my favorite - the scent throw is very strong cold and hot and the candle behaves beautifully. You will see some soot but it's marginal. It's hard to depict the fragrance notes but it's a true balance of floral, wood and smoke.
Candle Review
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 7/18/2010 2:29 PM
This is an interesting, curious scent to me. I am not really a big lover of the fragrance, but it has a really strange quality about it that reminds me of something from when I was a little boy. I am not sure if it is from the smokey quality of the scent or something else, but it reminds me of visits to my grandfathers farm in PA and shooting pop cans off a fence with a rifle for the first time. It's a very masculine fragrance in my opinion. I couldn't really see lots of young girls or busy mom's wanting to burn this around the house. That said, I think it is a really cool candle. I love the weird color of the wax and as always, the smooth & gorgeously etched glass is a draw in. I can't ever find myself willing to throw the used and empty glass jars out. They are so beautiful and soft. I love them! I put little tea lights in them and get a nice soft glow out of them. The colors in the line are awesome with the candle glow radiating from them. I love Modern Alchemy!!