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Voluspa D'or Collection
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The Voluspa D'or Collection
Maison D'or candle collection by Voluspa exudes the luxe sophistication that loyal fans have come to expect from Voluspa featuring 3 new fragrances that are at once unique and familiar. Collected vintage and modern artworks, layered into elaborate collages of color and warm amber, and then gilded, adorn the packaging for Maison D'or, a stunning testament to the quality of the products inside. Discover new shapes and styles that are unique to the world of home fragrance, but standard to Voluspa. The modern luxury home fragrance collection – redefined.

Voluspa Atelier Provence Lavande
Made with organic oils of fresh provencial lavender from a co-operative of French farms.

Voluspa Citron Vert & Vanille
A luxe pavlova of tart green citron, caramel sugar, whipped creme fraiche and vanilla.

Voluspa Coeur de Cassis
A heart of berry cassis surrounded by fresh leaves, vintage plums and twigs.