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Aura Radiant
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Aura was founded by Jasmine Parks and Chelsea Wilson of California. They set out to create a high-end candle that was also affordable. These creamy custom blended soy candles are generously scented with the finest fragrance and essential oils. Each evocative blend is designed to burn slow and clean using cotton wicks. This fun and slightly edgy candle line is simple, yet detailed, and always down to earth. Hand poured in the USA.

Bloom (Tuberose Vetiver): "Bloom is outselling production!" - The Aura Team

Cosmic (Blood Orange Vanilla Bean): “It’s hard for me to put into words how much I love this candle.” - D. DeMarco

Luscious (Vanilla Sandalwood): “Luscious is literally an addictive blend.” - D. Roberto-Kelley

Karma (Vanilla Cardamom): “I loved every second of it!” - R. Kelley

Bubbly (Champagne): “Like so many other of you Facebook fans, I have fallen into its clutches.” -K. Richey

Clairvoyant (Grapefruit Cassis): "This fragrance is so lively and fun!" - Debra

Lucid (Lotus Freesia): "I am head over heels obsessed.”

Muse (Tobacco Vanilla): "I adore this scent! It's one of my new favorites." - Ryan

Obscure (Black Ginger White Pepper): "It is fast becoming one of my surprise favorites!" - Annie

Sublime (Pomegranate Pink Pepper): "A really unique and fantastic combination. It's Sublime!" - Dina