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About DayNa Decker
Modern. Seductive. Luxury. This is the essence of DayNa Decker Environments. Take your inhibitions and leave them by the door. You will experience something completely unexpected and completely irresistible with DayNa Decker candles. You will be intrigued, you will be tantalized, and you will be aroused by the multisensory pleasures. The EcoCoutureā„¢ candles integrate modern innovations, hip designs, and environmental responsiveness. DayNa Decker defines a new era in home ambiance.

Some of our favorites...

Zelia - White lotus, cypress, incense, oakmoss and cedarwood.
I love woody fragrances, so this is one of my favorites by DayNa Decker. This fragrance is perfectly balanced. Masculine cypress notes blending the feminine accent of white lots. Not too heavy or too floral. Truly lovely.

Sierra - Neroli flower, ananas leaf, sweet jasmine, musk and bourbon vanilla.
I love the bourbon vanilla base on this one. It adds a sweetness to create a more rich fragrance. This fragrance is very well received.

Leila - Grapefruit, bergamot, dewberry, lemon flower and amber musk.
If you like grapefruit, this one is for you. Bursting with juicy grapefruit and lemon yet not too pungent. This fragrance is perfect if you want your home to smell fresh and clean. I love to open the windows and light this candle on sunny Saturday afternoons.

Posy - Calla Lily, Jasmine, White Woods and clove.
Posy is sexy and spicy and definitely one of my favorites. I love the smell of lilies but the added touch of clove makes this fragrance unique and addicting.

Bardou - Pink peppercorn, fresh greens, wild rose, pink peony, cardamom and redwood.
If you like rose fragrances, be sure to grab this one. I love pink peppercorn - it gives everything a nice kick. Cardamom works the same way to make this fragrance bright and lively. The touch of peony is lovely as well. This is definitely not Grandma's powdery rose. It's youthful and vibrant. Stock up on this for Valentine's Day and impress your sweetie.

One of the things I like the most about DayNa Decker candles is that they provide instant fragrance. As soon as you light it the room immediately starts filling with luxurious fragrance.