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Introducing Herve Gambs
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About Herve Gambs
Since 1989, Hervé Gambs has created home fragrances, furniture and decorative accessories. Hervé blended his passion for architecture, travel and nature into objects of complexity and excellence. Floral designer and set designer give free rein to his creative inspirations dedicated to the art of home fragrance. The universe of his work bears the mark of a familiar, refined and sophisticated design that is able to live in our homes offering contemporary style.

Boid de Cashmere - very sensual and feminine.

Noir de Cassis - decadent and delightful. If you like Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry or Coeur de Cassis you will love this.

Terre d'epice - if you like rich fragrance and coffee notes, this one is for you.

Essence de Figuier - this one smells just like new fig trees at the nursery. Green and pure.

Herbe Intense - if you are anxious for Spring already, go with this one. It smells just like fresh cut grass.