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Thymes Wildwood Collection

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Introducing 3 New Fragrances for the Thymes Wildwood Collection:

Thymes Fiddlehead Fern & Crabapple
Airy, tender notes of crabapple blossom, meadow buttercup and delicate lily of the valley stir in a balmy breeze. Fiddlehead fern fronds, moist and verdant, unfurl to engender a cooling, dewy undernote.

Thymes Linden Blossom & Nectar
Ravishing floral notes of honeyed linden flower intoxicate the air. Lemon verbena shimmers, while damp soil and yellow violet lend an earthy sweetness. Juicy notes of lilac nectar and dewberry burst with ripening fruit.

Thymes Woodland Violet & Mint
Subtle, velvety undertones of woodland violet, purple clover, fresh mint and wild geranium intensify under the sun’s warmth. Wood rosebud hovers gently, releasing a sweet, romantic top note.