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Tocca Liliana Perfume
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Combining the best of the romantic and the exotic since its introduction in April of 1994, Tocca has become a name synonymous with beautiful, timeless design for clothing, accessories, beauty products and candles. By celebrating color and embellishment, Tocca has established itself as an important resource for items that are feminine, youthful, witty and modern: the ultimate dress coat, the coolest tote or the most delicious-smelling candle.

Tocca Candles
Tocca Beauty's aromatic candle scents are based on simple accords of fragrance notes. Each candle inspires distinct moods, rich in meaning and memories. The aromas further evolve in meaning as they are named after classic film icons with unique character traits. While each candle embodies a different personality, they all convey the romantic connotations synonymous with the Tocca name.

Tocca Perfume
Tocca's perfumers have re-interpreted their most popular scents to create a breathtaking family of unique fine fragrances. Combining elements from Tocca's classic scents with unexpected yet complementary notes, their eau de parfum are beautifully unique and yet quintessentially Tocca.