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LAFCO House and Home Candles

The Luxury Articles & Fragrance Company (LAFCO) has been crafting seductive scents since for more than twenty years. Many of the amazing LAFCO fragrances are shared among their successful bath and body products and with their expanded candle line, people can bring these wonderful fragrances into their home or business. LAFCO candles offer rich scents that quickly diffuse throughout a room, enveloping it in their complexly layered fragrances.

If you’re looking for the perfect candle to energize a space, or make it more relaxing, a LAFCO candle can do it with style. Shop the entire selection of exotic LAFCO fragrances at Candles Off Main. We can help you upgrade the ambiance of any space with LAFCO candles that are tailored to your tastes. Choose from any of the LAFCO candles below, and be sure to rate the LAFCO fragrances you enjoy the most. We’re sure your home or business will smell its best once you light one of these divine LAFCO candles!