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Lampe Berger Lamp Cube Blue #113593

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Lampe Berger Lamp Cube Blue #113593
Price: $29.95
Simplicity in an elegant form. Blue tinted glass. Silver, shiny, straight, lightweight vented cap. Capacity 260ml.
Lampe Berger is an amazing product for removing odors while fragrancing the air. To use:
1. Place your Lampe Berger on a stable surface.
2. Fill your lamp with the Lampe Berger fragrance oil of your choice. Blend with Neutral to soften any fragrance you find too strong.
3. Insert the Lampe Berger wick into the lamp completely. When using for the first time, let the wick soak for 20 minutes before using.
4. Light the wick. After 2 minutes blow out the flame. Your Lampe Berger is now working to remove odors, purify and fragrance the air.
5. Put the vented cover on the lamp. While the lamp is working, there is no smoke or flame, just a little heat coming off the wick burner.
6. Once your Lampe Berger has removed odors and added enough fragrance (usually about 45 minutes) carefully remove the vented cover and place the solid cap back on the Lampe Berger.
Note: The quicker you replace the solid cap, the longer your fragrance oil will last.

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A WOW surprise
Donna (Cape Cod Massachusetts) 10/8/2013 8:37 AM
I have recently purchased the cube lamp in blue. I have wanted to purchase a Lampe berger lamp for some time. I had hesitated due to cost and of course the need for ongoing purchase of the oils. When the lamp arrived I was so happy to see it's large size. Envision a square soft ball, or large grapefruit. I thought it was going to be likened to a square golf ball size . That was a surpise. But then I was also surpised by the simplicity of set up & use. Having read & re-read the instructions on line I was making it much more complicated then it is. It's easy! And then the real surprise. The scent is lovely.( I am currently using Ocean breeze) It filled our master bedroom & bath area with the most delightful, fresh, comforting ,luxurious scent . It does burn the oil though so I'll be purchasing the extender on my next order. Simply devine!