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Lampe Berger Oil & Lamps

Since 1898 Lampe Berger Fragrances has been creating catalytic diffusion lamps that quickly fill a room with fresh scent. Originally created to help purify the air in hospital wards, Lempe Berger lamps have proven to be an effective means of transforming the aromatics of interior spaces. At Candles Off Main, we offer a variety of exquisite Lampe Berger lamps and Lampe Berger oils you can mix and match to meet your own personal tastes.   

Choose from any of our luxurious parfums de maison by Lampe Berger. These fragrance oils will fill your home with robust and relaxing scents that will make any space more inviting. Lampe Berger oils are made to work with any of the lamps so you can try several different scented oils using the same lamp. Changing the atmosphere of your living space is as simple as adding a new oil to your Lampe Berger Lamp.