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Lampe Berger So Neutral Fragrance Oil 1-Liter

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Lampe Berger So Neutral Fragrance Oil 1-Liter
Price: $36.00
The Neutral fragrance oil by Lampe Berger is perfect if you just want to cleanse and purify your air. You can also use the neutral oil to reduce the intensity of a Parfum de Maison. 33.8 oz / 1-Liter
We highly recommend Neutral for people who find their fragrances too strong and want to tone them down. We suggest using 3/4 Neutral with 1/4 fragrance oil for those who like a more subtle fragrance.

This elegant parfum for the home purifies the air while dispersing custom-made scents of unparalleled complexity and fragrance. Crafted with couture styling from the finest materials, Lampe Berger has been admired and collected the world over for more than a century. Be sure to ask for the one-and-only Lampe Berger.

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A Lampe Berger Essential
Sue (Annapolis, MD) 7/11/2014 7:47 AM
For me, Neutral is a requirement for any Lampe Berger owner. There are so many uses for it! 1. It softens any fragrance you find too strong. Simply mix Neutral with any fragrance oil you like at any ratio. For example, fill you lamp 1/2 full with Ocean Breeze and 1/2 Neutral for a more subtle scent. Some fragrances I use all Neutral and just a splash of scent. I don't recommend Neutral on it's own, though. It smells too sterile - like a hospital. Just a splash of another scent gets rid of the sterile smell and gives a hint of fragrance. 2. Use it between fragrance to clear out the old scent before you add the new. This is great if you don't want the fragrances to combine or if you really hated the previous scent. 3. Use it between fillings to clean out the wick. Over time Lampe Berger wicks can become clogged. Neutral can help clean it out and get your wick/burning working more efficiently and effectively again. I highly recommend getting Neutral in the 1-Liter size. It's a better value and will get a lot of use.