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Lampe Berger Wick Burner New Air Pur System 3C

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Lampe Berger Air Pur System 3C Wick/burner
Price: $24.20
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The new Air Pur System 3C wick/burner by Lampe Berger is a product on the cutting edge of technology. The Air Pur System 3C is the result of 5 years of research, offering improved performance. The new model guarantees improved fragrance diffusions with a higher intensity, more rapid elimination of odors (67% quicker!), optimal elimination of airborne bacteria, improved ease of use (you can now use your lamp when completely full), and reliable and optimal performance thanks to the skillful use of the synthetic ceramic material.

The new wick works with any Lampe Berger lamp and, thanks to the improved diffusion capabilities of the Air Pur System 3C, the fragrances are undoubtedly more refined and subtle. The new Lampe Berger wick/burner is guaranteed for 1 year or 200 uses when used with Lampe Berger's Parfums de Maison.To use your Lampe Berger lamp, follow these easy steps:
1. Place your Lampe Berger on a stable surface.
2. Fill lamp approximately 2/3 full with a Lampe Berger fragrance oil of your choice. With the new Air Pur System 3C Wick/Burner, you can fill your lamp full. We recommend using Neutral to soften any fragrance you find too strong.
3. Insert the Lampe Berger wick into the lamp completely. When using for the first time, let the wick soak for 20 minutes before using.
4. Light the wick. After 3 minutes blow out the flame. Your Lampe Berger is now working to remove odors, purify and fragrance the air.
5. Put the vented cover back on the Lampe Berger. While the lamp is working, there is no smoke or flame, just a little heat coming off the top of the lamp.
6. Once your Lampe Berger has removed odors (after about 5-10 minutes) and added enough fragrance for you (usually about 20 minutes) remove the vented cover and place the solid cap back on the Lampe Berger.
That's it! Lampe Berger is truly an amazing product that our customers absolutely rave about. If you have any questions about your Lampe Berger lampe or fragrance oil or would like information about our specials, please email us at Enjoy!

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