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MOR Black Cherry Plum Candle

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Top notes of cherries, plum red currant and tangerine zest blend with the musky aroma of blonde woods to finish in a sweet fruity scent. 6.5oz. 50 hours. Soy wax.
Awaken your senses with the Emporium Candle collection. A fine soy wax blend is hand poured into a glass vessel, gilded with 24k gold. Relics of 17th Century ornamental decadence, MOR Emporium is a collection of visual and sensual delicacies. Hand wrapped triple-milled soaps with rich creamy body butters and aromatic candles that fragrance and illuminate any environment.

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divine elegance
Heather Brown (Michigan) 9/26/2010 8:56 AM
I love the regal look this candle offers. It's a very contemporary decorative piece. I was very impressed with the fragrance also. Iwould highly recommend this to others.
Fun, lively and slightly curious fragrance
Susan Webster Adams (Candles Off Main) 9/21/2010 8:36 PM
Black Cherry Plum is distinct, bold and unwavering. I love the balance of tart red currant and musky blonde woods. I think the plum, if there is any, gets lost by the pungent red currant. Nonetheless, I love it! The cherries play happily with the red currant for a fun and lively blend. This Black Currant Plum, while very red currant, is unique and distinguished. I like how they added the musky wood notes to ground the piquant currant notes. I can detect a little tangerine to add a touch of sweetness. The overall effect is a fun, vibrant, sweet fruity scent that is delicious and slightly curious. This MOR candle burned beautifully and I'm always a sucker for sexy black wax. I like the way the vessel is translucent and the 24 karat gold logo adds a little bling. Fragrance intensity 2.5/5 Burn quality 4/5
Debbie (Chesterland, Ohio) 9/20/2010 11:05 PM
I adored this gorgeous little candle. The packaging is perfection. The black jar, black wax and gold gilding is exquisite. The scent is decadent and rich. We actually had a feud going on in our home over where this beautiful little gem would burn at. It usually stayed put in our main living area but occasionally (shhhh! our secret!) would wind up being burned in my room at night while I lounged and relaxed in before bed. This is one of the best "plum" fragrances around. I loved this! Also a fan of the soap, with Italian Blood Orange being my favorite from the Black Emporium line.
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 7/16/2010 6:57 PM
Normally not a fan of cherry at all. And also not a fan of plum. But, interestingly enough, I really enjoyed this candle. It was my first outing with Mor cosmetics and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The jar itself is actually fairly small. A lot smaller then I thought it would be. The candle had a bit of a soot issue on my end. I am not sure if it was because of my leaving it burning for too long or for having it in a room that was far too drafty...but, the fragrance throw was really nice. I liked the zesty, fruit with those slight hints of wood accords sliding in and out. Very nice. I would have given it more stars if it had burned cleaner on my end. Overall though, a great smelling candle.