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NEST Fragrances

Scent is one of our most powerful senses. Adding aromatics into a room is one of the simplest ways to create a pleasant atmosphere. Nest Fragrances is known for their rich scents and high quality products. At Candles Off Main we offer a whole line of Nest products in addition to their famous candles! Now you can have your favorite candle fragrances in the form of Nest hand soap, or freshen a room with a Nest diffuser for all day fragrance.  

Browse our selection of Nest candles, hand soaps, and diffusers below to find the perfect fragrance for your home or business. We’re proud to offer a variety of Nest fragrances candles that everyone can enjoy, whether you prefer gourmand, clean, floral or spicy scents, we’re sure to have a scent that will compliment your personal style. For the holidays, be sure to stock up on the famous Nest Holiday candle to fill your home with the most quintessential holiday fragrance.  Discover for yourself why Nest Fragrances have become some of the most popular luxury candles around!

Congratulations to Nest for winning several Best Off Main Awards.
NEST Beach Candle
Price $48.00
NEST Beach Diffuser
Price $54.00
NEST Passion Candle
Price $28.00
NEST Bamboo Candle
NEST Bamboo Candle
Price $34.00
NEST Diffuser - Bamboo
NEST Bamboo Diffuser
Price $38.00
NEST Luxe 6-Votive Gift Set
MSRP $40.00
Price $39.95