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NEST Orange Blossom Candle

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NEST Orange Blossom Candle
Price: $40.00
Orange blossom, orchid, tiare flower and freesia are combined with tangerine, lemon and musk. 8.1oz. Burn time: approx 50 hours
Each NEST everyday fragrance composition is housed within a modern and sophisticated soft-touch box paired with an identifying racing stripe and chic "N" swirl pattern. The NEST everyday glass was designed to complement the beauty of its surroundings. It's classic shape and modern stripe etching on crystal clear glass will never compete with décor. Each of the NEST everyday fragrances combine concentrated fragrance oils with an exclusive soft wax that creates a slow even burn that easily permeates any size room.

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Patrick Snell (Tyler, TX) 1/26/2013 8:40 PM
As a child I grew up surrounded by citrus orchards, this scented candle shot me back. I remember early in the morning this was before the days of A/C there would be a slight breeze, the curtains would sway, and the smell was breath-taking, this mixed with the early morning dew, one still remembers after 50 years. This is a repeater! I will be great for the summertime.
For the Floral Lovers out there...
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 9/7/2010 11:02 PM
Nest's Orange Blossom is perfect for fans of floral blends. This is a very mature fragrance. The scent didn't work as well for me since I am not a strong lover of floral notes. I bought this thinking it would have more of a citrus, tart edge to it...but, this scent is 100% FLORAL!!! I am writing this review mainly to make sure other potential Nest buyers do not get confused and think this is going to smell like orange zest or tangy citrus. If you love a nice, clean, fresh floral...this will be great for you. I honestly didn't catch any of the Lemon or Tangerine notes in this. The Freesia, Orchid & Musk came through STRONG to me on this. If you love florals...give this a go. You REALLY can NOT go wrong with Nest candles. They are extremely potent and luxurious.