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NEST Three O'Clock (Exotic Woods) Candle

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NEST Three O'Clock (Exotic Woods) Candle
Price: $38.00
Sadly, this item is sold out or has been retired.
The precious essence of mysore sandalwood is entwined with subtle nuances of smoldering embers, black amber and frankincense. 8.1oz. Burn time approx. 50-60 hours. Cotton wick. Made in the USA.
With fragrances like Oriental Orchid (One O'clock), Italian Leather (Two O'clock) and Exotic Woods (Three O'clock), you’ll have plenty of choices to set just the right mood and ambiance for your after midnight plans. Set in a dark black translucent vessel with deep black wax, these new NEST candles are sexy and sultry. The After Midnight Collection from NEST Fragrances. Tempt your senses.

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warm and inviting,
Patrick Snell (Tyler, TX) 7/12/2013 2:48 AM
The room was filled with this exotic fragrance in about 10 min. I felt transformed to an English estate, the crackling fire, books lining the shelves throughout the room. The only light coming from the fireplace danced across the walls reflecting off the gold embossed books on the dark wood shelves. Looking up towards the ceiling studying the intricate woodwork, while lying on a leather couch thinking to myself, this is wonderful....Ok come back to reality, it is a 100 degrees outside, the grass is dying, water rationing; burn bands and Charlie the cat and just threw up a gigantic hairball! Oh well the candle did it's job, it put me in a altered state, and what a wonderful state it was.
Masculine mix...
Deb (Chesterland, Oh) 12/17/2012 6:52 PM
I truly love all scents involving embers and this is no exception! One of my all-time favorite fragrances is Belle Fleur's Kyara Clove and this is now right up there with that amazing scent. This is such a masculine scent! The smoky quality of the embers blending together with the sexy amber accords and the soothing sandalwood give this such a mysterious feeling. Truly provocative blend.
Smoky & intense...
Ryan (Cleveland, Oh) 12/13/2012 4:42 PM
At first sniff I would liken Three O'Clock to being at a bonfire in the woods in the early hours of the morning. That time before the sun comes up and everything is quiet and dead. When the world feels so dark and quiet and you feel like every nerve in your body is vibrating from all the winding down it is doing. It has such a smoky feel to it that comes through strong. The embers are dark and sooty yet masculine and sexy. The sandalwood shines through and the black amber adds an element of mystery to it. I don't love this as much as Two O'Clock but this is still an amazingly unique fragrance. I agree with Sue's review. It really reminded me of Kyara Clove by Belle Fleur and then I DID wind up catching that Warm Perique Tabaq similarity as well! If you are a fan of either of those you will adore this. Very edgy scent.
Smoldering and Sexy
Sue (Candles Off Main) 11/1/2012 10:31 AM
The first fragrance that came to mind when I smelled this was Belle Fleur Kyara Clove with its rich, den-like appeal coming from the exotic wood notes. It’s missing the strong leather accents in Kyara Clove, though, which lead me to Voluspa Warm Perique Tabac. It’s almost an exact match. For me, that's a good thing as I love warm, dark, sensual scents. While it doesn’t have the worn, wooden floor feel from Warm Perique Tabac, it does offer a more mysterious appeal with its stronger smoky aspect from the smoldering embers. If you like tobacco fragrances be sure to give this one a try. This sexy scent is a perfect match for the black vessel and sleek wax. Burn quality 4/5. Fragrance intensity 3/5.