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NEST Wasabi Pear Candle

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NEST Wasabi Pear Candle
Price: $40.00
Anjou pear and fresh, ozonic watery notes are infused with the essence of wasabi. 8.1oz. Burn time: approx 50 hours
Each NEST everyday fragrance composition is housed within a modern and sophisticated soft-touch box paired with an identifying racing stripe and chic "N" swirl pattern. The NEST everyday glass was designed to complement the beauty of its surroundings. It's classic shape and modern stripe etching on crystal clear glass will never compete with décor. Each of the NEST everyday fragrances combine concentrated fragrance oils with an exclusive soft wax that creates a slow even burn that easily permeates any size room.

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Peary nice
Caitlin F (Ontario ) 9/27/2011 6:58 PM
Wasabi Pear is almost apple like, with a sweetness as opposed to the tart that some pear/apple fragrances tend to have. The wasabi is an interesting twist, making this fragrance exotic and sophisticated. I'm not a huge fan of pear fragrances, but the wasabi truly transforms the pear in this blend. It's also a great choice for men—a great gift for anyone.
So realistic!
Holly (CA) 12/9/2010 8:34 PM
I just received this gorgeous candle in the mail. I purchased it as a gift, but I'm very tempted to keep it for myself! It smells INCREDIBLE, and pear isn't even on my top 10 list of favorite scents. It's the most luscious, juiciest realistic smelling pear candle I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. :)
Dina (Cleveland, OH) 9/22/2010 12:00 PM
I really, really enjoyed this candle. At first it is very pear scented, but after burning for a little while it started to smell like apples. I was reminded of going to the apple orchard to pick them, and for that reason I think it's a great fall scent. Very clean and crisp and the scent throw, like all Nest candles, is phenomenal. Definitely worth buying!
Sue (Candles Off Main) 9/12/2010 5:49 PM
Wasabi Pear is such a fresh scent. It reminds me a lot of Macintosh apple. A fruit that is slightly tart and not too sweet. The wasabi adds just enough kick to keep the pear from getting to be too much. The ozonic watery notes also help dilute the pear to make it more fresh and light. The result is a beautiful fragrances that adds beauty and comfort in an elegant way.
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 9/9/2010 1:51 AM
What a fabulously fresh blend! I love that the Pear is so strong in this. The essence of Wasabi is subtle to me and very much a background accord. The juiciness of the pear is truly sweet & decadent. If you are looking for a true PEAR need to try this! Such a brilliant idea for a fruit blend. I would have never expected Laura Slatkin to hit a Pear fragrance out of the ball-park but she did with this one! It's not the kind of candle I would buy all the time, but it's truly beautiful.