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Laura Slatkin co-founded Slatkin & Co. with her husband, Harry, and the duo team created a candle line envied by all. The collection included the famed Bamboo & Jasmine fragrance as well as the best-selling Slatkin Holiday candle. Now Laura has set out on her own to create NEST Fragrances, an exquisite collection of scented candles that will fill your home with the essence of luxury, sophistication and comfort. Each NEST everyday fragrance composition is housed within a modern and sophisticated soft-touch box paired with an identifying racing stripe and chic ā€œNā€ swirl pattern. The NEST everyday glass was designed to complement the beauty of its surroundings. It's classic shape and modern stripe etching on crystal clear glass will never compete with décor. Each of the NEST everyday fragrances combine concentrated fragrance oils with an exclusive soft wax that creates a slow even burn that easily permeates any size room.