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Odin 03 Century Candle

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Price: $65.00
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Top: Silver Birch, Earthy Cypress, Forest Mint. Middle: Smoky Vetiver, Liquid Myrrh, Subtle Patchouli. Bottom: Black Musk, Dry Oak Moss, True Amber. 8 oz / 225g 60 hour burn time.
Experience Odin 03 Century – a modern chypre with the warm allurement of black musk, true amber and smoky vetiver paired amid hand poured slate-colored wax and sleek translucent black glass. The flame takes on the amber hue drawing a direct relation to the amber glow of the fine fragrance. The solid black candle lid doubles as a stand for the candle when in use.

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Patrick (Tyler) 1/14/2013 8:31 PM
The scent of this candle is wonderful. I cannot describe the scent other than when it drifts by my noise I go "Ahhhhhhhh" I became relaxed; don't want to do anything but take in the fragrance. Having a large bedroom, it took about 20 min for the scent to fill the room. It's strength is about 60% of a "Trapp"candle. I am on the fence when it comes to the price, the most I have ever spent on one candle, the odor is so exotic yet it's strength is mild when burning. I guess at the price I paid, I was expecting a knock out! I wish is was stronger. I have had some candles that you could smell through out the house, mine is 19000 sft.
Not My Fav
Donna (Virginia) 3/30/2012 12:19 PM
For the price I expected a more even burn - this candle wants to tunnel no matter what I do. The scent is too subtle - clean, but just not as strong as I'd like. ****** Donna - So sorry to hear this fragrance and candle didn't work out for you. I'm surprised you didn't find it fragrant. We tried all of the ODIN candles and thought they were all incredibly fragrant but every house and nose is different. As for tunneling - the first burn sets the stage for the life of the candle. The opening of the candle will almost never get larger than the initial wax pool, so you want to be sure to burn a candle for several hours the first time to get the widest wax pool possible. On a jar candle, you want to try and get the entire top liquid wax. It sounds like you did every thing you could, but I thought I'd mention that just in case that was the problem. -Sue