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Red Flower Ocean Little Flower Candle

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Red Flower Ocean Little Flower Candle
Price: $14.00
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this 1.5oz ocean candle by red flower will relieve, nourish, calm and cool your body. inhale the air off the coast. the notes that lift off the waters collect from flowers, herbs and trees like red mangrove, bay lavender, beach morning glory and bay laurel leaf. this scent is vast, clean and simple.

red flower candles are made with a vegetable wax base with a touch of soy wax. red flower candles do not contain any artificial fragrances or fillers. they use pure essential oils and an all cotton wick. ah, so pure. These candles smell like fresh cut flowers when burning - they are not "perfumy". red flower candles are packaged in 77% post consumer recycled paper and printed at a 100% windpowered plant.

This 1.5oz red flower ocean candle has a burn time of 15 hours and comes with a light my flower matchbook- perfect for travel! This little candle can fragrance a whole a little petal candle
1. use the light my flower matchbook to light the candle
2. close your eyes
3. breathe. breathe. breathe.
4. feel your body melt

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