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Rigaud Tournesol (Sunflower) Candles

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Rigaud Tournesol (Sunflower) Candles
Price: From $40.00 to $99.00
I love to offer you a scent of holidays and stimulate all the fragrances of summer. My flower, solar and radiant, blends with the essence of black currants with slightly fruity hints. Together with me, it’s so nice to take a path across the fields.

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Rigaud has been producing scented candles for more than half a century. Each candle is hand-poured and inspected to insure a premium quality product. When burning, the wax liquefies rapidly, with a quick and mighty diffusion of the fragrance. Rigaud candles burn evenly, without leaving any deposit on the glass and they do not tunnel, unlike hard wax candles.

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Where is the sunflower?
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 9/15/2010 1:38 PM
When I discovered Rigaud I was lucky enough to receive a bundle of the mini-tins/travel tins along with one larger glass jar of another scent and this fragrance was amongst them. I have to say that Tournesol surprised me because, although the scent is lovely, it came off as far more FRUITY to me then anything else. When a candle is named after a sunflower, I would expect it to revolve a bit more around those specific notes, but Tournesol didn't do that when I burned it. The wild currant and the passion fruit in this came across the strongest to me. I COULD smell the floral in it but it didn't come across as "Sunflower" to me but more like a freesia or gardenia scent. There is some sandalwood in this that warms it up and adds a nice moderator to the more tart, crisp fruity scents. Overall, I was confused a bit by this small 12 hour tin. I wanted more of a summery, sunflower-vibe when I burned this but for some reason was given more of a fruity-currant throw. Still, very potent and clean burning. Rigaud have been around for a LONG time and they know what they are doing! Great scent, but a bit confusing to me!