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Slasher List

Not all things are meant to last. Some were loved. Some were not loved enough. RIP retired fragrances. Even though you have been discontinued, you will not be forgotten.

Any retired fragrances that are still available are on display below this list. Stock up before they are gone!

January 2013TrappPear, Ocean Marine
January 2013Linnea's LightsAmber
January 2013NestPeony Blanche, Periwinkle Hyacinth, Tahiti Vanille, Black Fig & Honey, Wild Oats & Bourbon (?)
January 2013ThymesBergamot Verte
December 2012VotivoAmberwood, Mosaic
November 2012AquiesseTimber, Sunflower, Alpine Meadow, & Blue Agave
October 2012Lampe BergerUnder the Fig Tree 1L, Cotton Dreams 1L, Excursion to Kenya, Leather, Finest Freesia, Sea Mist, Morning Dew, Gingerbread, Almond Pear
August 2012Linnea's LightsBlue Agave, Violet, Rose, Yuzu, Garden Mint, Wild Honeysuckle, Rose
July 2012AnthousaEverything. We will miss you Anthousa!
June 2012VoluspaSeasons Collection. James Boyce Collection. Floraison Gift Set
March 2012VotivoGingered Currant, Vanilla Grapefruit
January 2012Belle FleurCelebration
January 2012NEST FragrancesBlack Fig & Honey. Votive candles in Wild Oats & Bourbon, Pink Jasmine and Periwinkle Hyacinth.
January 2012Linnea's LightsBamboo, Fig Leaf, Pomegranate, Mimosa
December 2011Lampe BergerWonder of Nepal, Pumpkin Delight, White Musk, Carribean Tonic, Radiant Iris, Absinth Daydream
September 2011VoluspaChampaca Bloom & Fern, Capri Fig Frangipani, Burmese Rosewood
September 2011AuraAnimated, Verve and Facade
August 2011Nest3-wick candles in Wild Oats & Bourbon, Pink Jasmine and Periwinkle Hyacinth
August 2011Jonathan AdlerAix en Provence Delirium, Southampton Garden
May 2011AnthousaPomegranate & Mint and Pomelo & Kumquat
May 2011Sage MachadoAll 3oz Candles
January 2011DayNa DeckerZelia (brought back), Yasmin, Indigo, Viva, Manzanita
January 2011Lampe BergerA Rose is a Rose, Diego, Ella, Horis, Tara, Eve, Kashmir, Solal, Sacha
January 2011Linnea's LightsCurrant Rouge, Moss
January 2011VoluspaBasic Black Gift Set, Basic Creme Gift Set
January 2011NestMahogany
August 2010VotivoPondicherry Sandalwood, Fresh Tomato Leaf, Rain, Soku Lime, Lavender Fields, Mahogany, Cedar & Sage, Mountain Springwater
August 2010ToccaShanghai, Positano, Ydra, Tara, Montecristo, Portofino
August 2010K. HallFig, Nag Champa, Grapefruit-Mint
August 2010Archipelago Cucumber Melon, Jaipur
August 2010DayNa DeckerBacara
August 2010NestBeeswax & Whipped Cream
August 2010VoluspaThe entire Blend Bar, Basic Creme and Basic Black Collections