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Tocca 007 (Leather Martini) Candle

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Tocca 007 (Leather Martini) Candle
Price: $38.00
Sorry, this item is not available.
Encapsulated in the scent is the leathery interior of an Aston Martin and a dry Martini. A hint of mystery to stir curiosity, lavishly abundant in charm and ease. A very masculine candle. 10.6 oz Burn time: 60 hours. Paper core wick.
Small indulgences can go a long way. If there is one accessory with which to adorn your home, let it be a Tocca candle. Nothing is more powerful than the way a scent makes you feel. Synonymous with simplicity, refinement and sensibility, Tocca candles evoke specific moods and emotions linked by an exotic romanticism and old-world sentiment.

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If you like leather, this is for you!
Susan Webster Adams (Candles Off Main ) 10/8/2010 9:26 PM
007 smells like rich, soft leather inside a luxurious car. I imagine myself finely dressed alongside a stunning date on our way to an exquisite event. Tocca 007 offers the most pure, simplistic option for leather. Unfortunately, the martini is lost on me. I find that to sadly be the case with any liquor reference in a candle. The Tocca 007 candle comes across as fine leather, simply done.
Smelled like rubber...
Debra (Chesterland, Ohio) 10/5/2010 7:12 PM
My son had this candle a few years back and I insisted that he only burn it when I wasn't around! Something about this scent reminded me of all the scents at an auto-body repair shop. Maybe this was just from it being too much of a masculine based scent but I didn't catch any of the leather notes or the Martini. This was just straight up burning rubber to me. I do not want this one burned around me! Very surprised since I adore Tocca products. This one let me down.
Candle Review
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 7/16/2010 5:43 PM
The perfect man scent. Well, it's geared towards being just that. But, did it work 100% for me? Kind of. This is a fragrance for leather lovers. There is also something deeper in the scent that reminds me a bit of a cologne someone I used to know wore a lot. I can't put my finger on what it was though. It's not going to be a candle that fans of floral scents or sweet scents are going to love. This scent was a one time purchase for me, just because I am not a huge "man-scent" lover. If you have a guy you are looking for a gift for and he wants something unisex and non-feminine...give this a try. It's pretty strong. Not my usual cup of tea and I really prefer Havana over this as far as my scent-love for Tocca goes...but still, an interesting concept for a candle and a nice decision to make one geared towards men.