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Tocca Candele Da Viaggio Candle Set

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Tocca Candele Da Viaggio Candle Set
Price: $42.00
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Candele Da Viaggio is a boxed set of four assorted travel-size candles. Each candle is the perfect little addition to your destined home away from home. A private villa in Capri or a souk in India instantly becomes familiar with Tocca's signature scents that you know so well. Every Candele Da Viaggio set contains the following popular Tocca fragrances: Cleopatra, Grace, Havana and Kyoto. Cleopatra candle: Redefines the bathroom as a sanctuary, blending old-world ambiance with invigorating freshness. The aromas of watery cucumber and tangy grapefruit purify the air and cleanse the senses, rejuvenate the body and enhance the ritual. Havana candle: Havana's constant salsa rhythm moves you as you enjoy the sweet yet spicy mix of sugarcane and rum. Let the excitement of this adventurous Caribbean city envelope your senses. Grace candle: The pure essence of the Casablanca Lily, the Roman symbol of hope. An exhilaratingly freshly scented candle captured from the fragrant blossom of the queen of flowers. Kyoto candle: The ancient Buddhist temples of Kyoto, the cultural heart of Japan, are surrounded by fragrant Kinmokusei flowers. A delicate fruity-floral apricot aroma permeates from the plant's exquisite gold-orange petals.

Small indulgences can go a long way. If there is one accessory with which to adorn your home, let it be a Tocca candle. Nothing is more powerful than the way a scent makes you feel. Synonymous with simplicity, refinement and sensibility, Tocca Beauty's candle collection evokes specific moods and emotions linked by an exotic romanticism and old-world sentiment.

Tocca Beauty's aromatic candle scents are based on simple accords of fragrance notes. Each candle inspires distinct moods, rich in meaning and memories. The aromas further evolve in meaning as they are named after classic film icons with unique character traits. While each candle embodies a different personality, they all convey the romantic connotations synonymous with the Tocca name.

Each of the travel-size glass-filled aromatic candles contain 1.2 ounces of premium highly scented wax with a burn time of 10 hours. The precious, boxed set of four assorted travel size candles features a signature Tocca matchbox.

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<Beautiful Set for a Try Me of all Tocca's Beautiful Candles.>
Lucinda Hynes (Milan, MI) 10/9/2010 4:16 PM
This is a Candle set to remember..Anyone would love to receive this Tocca Candle set as a Gift.I received it from my sister for my early B-Day present.She knows how much I love these candles and she loves to buy me wonderful gifts.I just Love my Big-Sis.There is every popular and elegent scent in the Tocca line in this set.I guarantee you won't find 1 that you don't like.
The Ultimate Gift
Caitlin (Ontario, California) 7/20/2010 11:18 AM
I received this Tocca four-votive set as a birthday gift when I was a teenager, and it was the very first thing that inspired me to get into luxury candles. To this very day (over ten years later) I remember the exact moment when I opened the lid to the Candele Da Viaggio box, and was overcome by the most beautiful and whimsical scents I had ever experienced from small candles. Literally, you can take the candles out and just put the box in a room and it will smell delicious :) Tocca candles will completely sweep you off of your feet. The smell is so permeating and wonderful, you will have trouble accepting the fact that you actually purchased candles from Target in the past. My personal favorites in this set are Cleopatra, Havana, Kyoto... okay who am I kidding—all four of these candles will go above and beyond your expectations. I highly recommend this as a gift for the person who enjoys beauty and the pleasant things in life.
Wonderful Gift!
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 7/19/2010 2:09 AM
I gave this lovely little foursome of scents as a gift to a co-worker several months ago. She has still been raving about the beautiful scents and how each one suits her moods. She even went out and purchased a Tocca perfume after I introduced this to her! She is a big Cleopatra fan. These candles are pretty small and you DO have to watch your burning time with them because of that, but since there are 4 of them the combination of scents give you a wonderful array of scent experiences to go through. I consider Tocca to be some of the most "clean" fragrances a candle burning individual can experience and this lovely gift set gives Tocca-newbies a nice glimpse inside the beautiful line of fragrances. Every one of the scents has a nice crisp, light, fresh feeling to it and nothing is overly pungent or offensive smelling. Tocca scents are nice to go to when you are looking for something a bit more feminine and airy. I don't ever really lean on them for something that I want a lot of "kick" to. The scents really blend themselves nicely into the area and don't really attack a persons senses too much like some candle scents can. I really recommend this set to someone looking for a cute gift for someone who likes summery, sweet, clean scents. Great shower gift. My co-worker that received this is a Tocca-convert now and couldn't stop talking about how wonderful these candles were. I scored an A++ on this gift for sure! :)