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Introducing our Facebook Top Fan for December, 2011 Kathy Muelker

My love affair with luxury candles began on Valentine’s Day 2010. My husband and I took a weekend trip to a nearby small town known for its quaint gift shops, antique stores, and rustic charm. We sauntered in and out of several shops along the main street, but one particular gift shop stood out. Upon entering the store I was immediately drawn in by a wonderful fragrance, which enticed me to explore further. The source of the lovely aroma was a candle, burning steadily and beautifully. The fragrance was Trapp Lemongrass Verbena, and I just had to have it. I was already a big fan of lemongrass—in love with the mildly sweet and refreshing citrus fragrance, but the addition of vanilla in this candle added a calming, tranquil effect. After lingering in the shop for what seemed like hours and sniffing all the Trapp candles, my husband agreed that Lemongrass Verbena was a good choice. In addition to the candle, we purchased the home fragrance mist and a couple of votives. Thus, the addiction was born. read more...

My 3 favorite products at Candles off Main:

Voluspa Mandarino Cannela
The fragrance of this candle is a refined blend of orange and cinnamon—but not your typical holiday fragrance. There is a spirited and sophisticated vibe, with a robust note of fresh ginger peeking through to grab your attention. The vanilla adds a luxurious creaminess, and the nutmeg perfectly complements the other components. Mandarino Cannela has a sanguine quality that is invigorating--and quickly brightens a dull day. The red glass vessel adds an extra touch of distinction to this beautiful fragrance, and I’ll never tire of it.

Aura Karma
It’s difficult to choose my favorite Aura candle, but Karma stands out as the perfect soft blend of sweetness and spiciness. A purifying fragrance emerges from this candle and wraps me in its arms, filling my spirit with peacefulness. When I burn this candle at the end of an arduous day, the lovely aroma filters the toxins and carries them away. Serenity is mine, and a restful sleep awaits me. If this fragrance is my “fate” then so be it—I readily accept it.

Voluspa Macaron
Macaron is a confectionery delight for my senses, yet more comforting and soothing than a cookie or pastry could ever be. There’s a deep, rich quality to this fragrance that I imagine is scrumptiously similar to a genuine Macaron de Paris. I can’t get enough of this candle; it leaves me wanting more and more. The perfect complement to a relaxing bubble bath, I usually prefer to stay in close proximity to this candle because the throw is not as strong as other Voluspa candles. However, the divine aroma is a panacea for all problems, big and small. All is well in my world after burning Macaron.

I must mention a few other favorites that were contenders for my top 3: Votivo Clean Crisp White, Aura Muse, Trapp Sexy Cinnamon, and Aquiesse Monterey Pine.