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Introducing our Facebook Top Fan for October, 2011 Caitlin Feener

Caitlin Feener As my mother always says —An ice cream sundae without nuts is like a day without sunshine. And the same goes for the holiday season and fragrance. Can you even imagine a Thanksgiving without the warm notes of pumpkin and the smell of leaves circling in the crisp, autumn wind? Could you spend the Christmas season without the elegance of pine drifting through the house and the ashy warmth of the fireplace? I’m not even sure that New Year’s Eve could properly exist without the wet winter air and champagne (or sparkling cider) bubbles tickling at your nose. I’d rather spend my days in the pitch-black dark eating ice cream sundaes without any nuts, thank you very much.

The holidays truly are defined by fragrance. When you sit back and recall spending Christmas with your family as a child, you might distinctly remember the sweet tobacco wafting from your grandfather’s pipe, or those delicious cookies that your mom always baked. These are the unique scents of our lives—the comforts all around us that can instantly transform us into a special place in time.

Here are some wonderful notes found in some of my favorite holiday candles that are simply perfect for this time of year. Whether they remind you of scents from the past or become a brand new staple... read more

My 3 Favorite Products at Candles Off Main

Nest Wild Oats & Bourbon
NEST Wild Oats & Bourbon There is something about this blend that warms me in a way unlike any other fragrance I’ve encountered. It’s by far the most unique candle I’ve ever smelled. Upon first sniff, the ginger is prominent and entices you into wanting more. However once you light it, the oats and bourbon come into play and create an incredible atmosphere of old-fashioned class and sophistication. This candle is vintage elegance—a timeless blend that is layered so perfectly and simply cannot be replicated. Wild Oats & Bourbon stands alone as one of the most original fragrances on the market. It boasts the enormous talents of Laura Slatkin and her ability to create the most phenomenal blends.

Voluspa Ambre Lumiere
Voluspa Ambre Lumiere I have been a Voluspa fan for many, many years and it’s hard for me to pick just one of my favorites. However if I had to pick one to burn for the rest of my life, it would be Ambre Lumiere. This blend is just magical to me. It’s oh-so sweet yet musky at the same time. I typically adore most amber blends, but the vanilla and patchouli work with this fragrance to create a gorgeous maple-like masterpiece. It’s sophisticated and gourmand, and you can’t go wrong with the dark packaging of the Maison Noir line.

Tocca Grace Candle
Tocca Grace This third pick is very difficult for me, but I decided to branch away from my typical dark, gourmand palette and pick a classic. I’ve loved Tocca Grace for almost 12 years—it was the fragrance that actually introduced me to the wonderful world of luxury candles. One word for this blend—goddess. Grace is a Casablanca lily fragrance. The throw on this candle will literally blow you away. It engulfs you in it’s beautiful world of femininity and floral decadence, and I promise it smells unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Tocca also just recently announced their Grace inspired perfume: Graciella. I’m sure it will be as beautiful as it’s candle counterpart.