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Top Ten Gift Idea #10: True Bayberry Candle
Why we love this gift: True Bayberry candles are a thoughtful gift and make perfect hostess, office, neighbor and teacher gifts. It is a New England tradition to burn a bayberry candle to the nub on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve to bring health and prosperity in the year to come.
"e;A bayberry candle, burned to the socket, puts luck in the home, food in the larder, and gold in the pocket."e;
These true Bayberry candles are made from the wax of the bayberry plant that grows in New England and in the Southeast. A touch of beeswax has been added for strength.

Top Ten Gift Idea #9: Rigaud Cypres Candle
Why we love this gift: The Rigaud Cypres candle is the ultimate in luxurious holiday candles. Exquisite wax, sophisticated fragrance and ultra chic packaging.
Rigaud candles are the finest, most elegant and highest quality candles made in the world today. The Rigaud Cypres candle has a refreshing natural fragrance reminiscent of cypress forests with woody scents. This is the original Rigaud candle fragrance created over 100 years ago in Paris.

Top Ten Gift Idea #8: Vie Luxe St. Moritz Candle
Why we love this gift: This is our favorite holiday fragrance store-wide. Traditional, light, refreshing and comforting. This is a beautiful candle with gorgeous red wax.
Welcom winter with bitter orange peel, Moroccan clove and mulling spices. Light a fire, curl up in a blanket and welcome the season.

Top Ten Gift Idea #7: Tocca Vittorio Candle
Why we love this gift: The fragrance is beautiful and refreshing and the packaging is simply elegant.
Warm and emotional, like a classic Italian Christmas poesia, Vittorio evokes the magic of traditions and the style of this Italian gentleman thanks to the inner essence of rosemary and the nostalgic scent of pine.

Top Ten Gift Idea #6: D.L. & Co Lady Rhubarb Candle
Why we love this gift: You'll make a fantastic impression giving such a unique and truly beautiful candle. The packaging is exquisite.
Lady Rhubarb has an addicting blend of blood orange, red mandarin, sandalwood, grapefruit and perilla. The box is stitched in Burmese silk and is enclosed in a satin ribbon imported from France. Each candle is nestled in hand-pleated tissue imported from Switzerland and exclusively dyed. The vessel is created from fine grade Australian sand to display and intense hue and every bowl is hand-tinted, making each one unique.

Top Ten Gift Idea #5: Anthousa Orange Spice Diffuser
Why we love this gift: Anthousa always makes a stunning gift - year round! This is the latest fragrance from Anthousa and it's perfect for the season. Be sure to order one for yourself!
This fragrance is inspired from a blend of tea from a local century-old public market. Cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg spices are blended with clove, orange and mandarin oils to create this rich spicy fragrance. This Orange Spice diffuser is perfect for welcoming the fall and the cozy moments of the holiday season in to your home.
This is a great gift to give and enjoy early since it lasts several months.

Top Ten Gift Idea #4: Voluspa Seasons Candle Collection
OK, so we couldn't limit ourselves to just one candle this week... ALL of the Seasons candles by Voluspa are amazing!! The 4oz candles are perfect for hostess and office gifts, the 3-wick tins are great unique gifts and the gift sets are the best on the market. The packaging is gorgeous, the fragrances are fantastic and the prices can't be beat. In addition to all of that, the candles are incredibly long lasting!

Top Ten Gift Idea #3: Paddywax Wassail
Why we love this gift: Everyone is crazy about this fragrance! It is a sell-out every year. Don't miss out!
Fill your home with the fragrance of the classic holiday punch with scents of apple, nutmeg and rum. Wassail brings a home alive with the energy of fall and the anticipation of the holidays.

Top Ten Gift Idea #2: Seda Holiday
Why we love this gift: Beautiful packaging, stunning fragrance and fantastic price. What more could you want?
Fir balsam, fir needle, cedar wood, grapefruit, orange oil, eucalyptus and bergamot combine for a fragrance comparable only to freshly gathered pinecones.
This is a traditional holiday fragrance but a little more woodsy and absolutely perfect. This is Dave's personal favorite holiday fragrance.

Top Ten Gift Idea #1: A Lampe Berger Lamp
Why we love this gift: It's unique, gorgeous, perfect for the person that has everything, it makes a great impression and everyone can use one.
Lampe Berger lamps remove odors (cooking, pet, cigar/cigarette smoke...), they fragrance (there are over 40 fragrances to choose from), and they kill airborne bacteria which is great for cold & flu season! Can't beat that.