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Nest Holiday Candle
Ok, this is an obvious choice, so we thought we'd get it out of the way early. Bye bye Harry Slatkin Holiday. Hello Laura Slatkin's Nest Holiday!
Why we love this gift: What's not to love? Festive packaging, outstanding quality and the most perfect Holiday scent all in one. Mandarine orange, cinnamon, pine and eucalyptus. Amazing!
Nest Holiday Single Wick Candle $32
Nest Holiday Votive Candle $12
Nest Holiday 3-wick Candle $68
Trapp Holiday Candle
Trapp introduced 3 new holiday fragrances this year, and they are ALL amazing! We are so impressed with their offering this holiday. Be sure to buy some for yourself!
Why we love this gift: Fantastic fragrance! It's a nutmeg vanilla/spiced eggnog type fragrance and simply yummy. Trim the wick and it burns beautifully all night! They are so affordable, you could get a candle and a room spray for under $50!
Trapp Holiday Candle $22
Trapp Holiday Room Spray $12
Trapp Orange Clove Candle $22
Trapp Orange Clove Room Spray $12
Trapp White Fir Room Spray $12
Voluspa Frost Pinecone Candle
A combination of deep rich forest cypress, crunchy spice pine needles and woody pinecone seeds. A hint of sugary balsam softens and warms the spicy wood notes.
Why we love this gift: Value! Voluspa is unsurpassed at creating gorgeous products at a great price. With so many sizes to choose from, you can get just the right gift.
Voluspa Frost Pinecone 10oz Candle $30
Voluspa Frost Pinecone 5oz Candle $15
Voluspa Frost Pinecone 3-wick Tin Candle $18
Voluspa Frost Pinecone Diffuser $48
True Bayberry Wax Candles
It's a New England tradition to burn bayberry candles to the nub on special occasions for health & prosperity in the year to come. What could be more fantastic?
Why we love this gift: This is such a thoughtful co-worker, neighbor, hostess and teacher gift.
True Bayberry 6"e; Tapers $12.50
True Bayberry 10"e; Tapers $16.50
Tocca Magi Candle
This sophisticated fragrance is a harmonic accord of incense, amber and orris rose combined with unexpected hints of Indian vetyver and saffron, making a truly unique and luxurious holiday scent.
Why we love this gift: This is one of the most beautiful and unique holiday fragrances. Packaged in a stunning gold box tied with burgundy, there's no gift wrap required!
Tocca Magi Candle $46
Tocca Vittorio Candle $46
Tocca Cortina Candle $46
Tocca Mimosa Candle $46