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Trapp Home Fragrance Wax Melts

Trapp Private Gardens has been making a name for themselves since the early 1990s as a company who makes quality home fragrance products that can quickly fill a room with rich luxurious fragrances. If you’re in search of luxury home fragrance that will delight the senses and enhance the atmosphere of your home, consider the new Trapp wax melts. Designed to be a leader in the home fragrance industry, these cutting edge home fragrance melts will delight even the most demanding fragrance connoisseur. Create your own signature blend by combining two or more of your favorite Trapp fragrances. Feel free to share your favorite recipes on our Facebook wall.
Trapp Wax Tarts  Black Pepper No. 41
Trapp No. 41 Black Pepper Wax Melts
MSRP $7.00
Price $6.50

Trapp Private Gardens also offers candles in various sizes depending on your needs, from small votives to large jar candles, you can fill any room with a delightful new fragrance. Browse our selection of Trapp candles today. For those who already love one Trapp’s signature scents we also have Trapp diffusers and room sprays available so you can keep your home smelling fresh without lighting a single candle. So shop today and discover the world of Trapp’s luxurious fragrances. With so many amazing Trapp fragrances to choose from, the hardest part is deciding which one is your favorite!