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Voluspa Elysian Garden Classic Candle

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Voluspa Maison Blanc 12oz Candle - Elysian Garden
Price: $27.00
Speckled sunlight shining on trees into ferns, moss and grotto. Sun warmed citrus fruit and gentle green foliage. 12oz. 100 hours.
The New Maison Blanc Collection by Voluspa exudes the luxe sophistication that loyal fans have come to expect from Voluspa featuring 8 new fragrances that are at once unique and familiar. Collected vintage and modern artworks, layered into elaborate collages of color, clean white, and then gilded, adorn the packaging for Maison Blanc, a stunning testament to the quality of the products inside.  Voluspa candles are made with a proprietary blend of coconut, soy and apricot waxes.  This cream combination enhances fragrance throw, glows beautifully and delights consumers worldwide. 

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Earthy, Fruity
Sarah Sickler (Naples, Florida) 11/14/2010 12:52 PM
This is a very refreshing scent...Like your walking in the woods after its rained is both alluring and mystifying. In Greek mythology, Elysium was heaven. This candle represents that heavenly feeling of tranquility and delight. The touch of citrus fruit adds just the right amount of sweetness. Lighting this candle will add relaxation and peace to any home.
candle review
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 7/17/2010 2:16 AM
I adore this scent. I won this fragrance through Voluspa and was extremely surprised at the beautiful and enticing aroma that this candle gives off. This candle has burned AMAZINGLY clean for such a chunky, wide pot. I have had incredible luck with the new Maison candle jars and even-burnings (where the wax pool burns smoothly across the top with no tunneling) and that has surprised and actually shocked me somewhat since I have always had a bit of an issue with getting the previous candle pots (10 oz black top jars and the creme line) to burn evenly and without tunneling (despite this fact, I am still a HUGE lover of Voluspa and have always just dealt with it!) but not with this new line! I have burned this scent, the Apricot & Aprilia and the Laguna scents all in the 12 ounce glass with absolutely no issues. They have all been burning beautifully and without tunnelling! WOO HOO!! Elysian Gardens was so surprising to me because I initially assumed it would be completely floral. The garden aspect is more of a background scent to me. This candle evokes far more citrus, fruit (is that apple???) and fresh moss. There is a watery accord to it too that is very mysterious and haunting. This scent is beyond pretty yet PRETTY is the word I think of when I smell this. It's like taking a stroll on a spring morning through an orchard after a thunderstorm, with little glittering shards of sunlight breaking through clouds. I just love it. Well done to the people over at Voluspa!!!
Lovely, lovely
Kristen (Massachusetts) 7/16/2010 7:21 PM
My sister sent me this candle for my birthday. I live in New England and my birthday is in March, but after I lit this candle I could have sworn it was the middle of summer just after a light rain shower. The scent is the perfect pick me up for any time of year, but especially cheery in the winter. It burned forever and always made me happy!