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Voluspa Macaron 2-wick Tin Candle

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Voluspa Macaron Tin Candle
Price: $16.00
Delicious and colorful, Macarons de Paris, are as beloved for their color as they are their gourmet flavors. 11oz. 50 hours. 2-wicks.
The New Maison Blanc Collection by Voluspa exudes the luxe sophistication that loyal fans have come to expect from Voluspa featuring 8 new fragrances that are at once unique and familiar. Collected vintage and modern artworks, layered into elaborate collages of color, clean white, and then gilded, adorn the packaging for Maison Blanc , a stunning testament to the quality of the products inside.  Voluspa candles are made with a proprietary blend of coconut, soy and apricot waxes.  This cream combination enhances fragrance throw, glows beautifully and delights consumers worldwide. 

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Don't Eat the Candle
Caitlin (Ontario, Calfornia) 7/20/2010 12:00 PM
I completely concur with Ryan's review, 100%! It takes all of my energy to not go online and order hundreds of cookies when I burn this wonderful Macaron candle. When I first heard the name, I thought it would be too coconut-sweet for me. Boy was I wrong. Instead, this candle reminds me of the sophisticated Parisian lifestyle. It is perfectly sweet with barely any hints of coconut or vanilla (so typical and overpowering with most cookie scents) and instead offers a light and clean delicious powder scent that oozes with glamor and elegance. To me, this Macaron candle is the ideal fall comfort scent. It comes off heavy, but in the most perfect way because it will flood your entire living space with serenity and sweetness. Need some baking inspiration? Burn Macaron for a few minutes and you'll be ready to go.
ratingratingratingratingrating a cookie.
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 7/17/2010 2:38 AM
I don't remember what movie that is from, but I remember it being quoted and it is Oh-So True with this gently sweet candle. This smells like a fresh from the oven batch of sugar cookies to me. There is a powdery feeling to the scent and a really nice, almost doughy aroma that comes off it. This is really one of the best COOKIE scents I have ever tried. I am in heaven. This is going to be perfect for the fall/winter months but right now it is serving as a "chill-out" candle and is helping me unwind and stave off hunger pangs. I wanna eat this candle, but I know I can't! Burning it is all there is left!!! It's really pretty and not too sweet. The sweetness of this is much more relaxed and tame then the potent sweetness of my favorite, the Santiago Huckleberry, but it is still magnificant. Love this!!! I am thinking of getting it in a 12 ounce soon!! :)