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Votivo Amberwood Candle

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Votivo Aromatics Collection Amberwood Candle at
Price: $26.00
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A sweet and reticent concoction of ambergris and spicy blond tobacco, tiny morsels of burnt cedarwood and dollops of amber honey, recalling misty mornings at local coffee shops and hand-written poetry - a fragrance of contemplation, turmoil and hope.
The Votivo candle Amberwood is hand-made in the USA using 6.8 oz of highly scented soy wax and a lead-free, cotton wick. Votivo candles have an estimated burn time of 50 hours. Any Votivo candle is sure to fill a room with fragrance.

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Debra (Chesterland,Ohio) 11/30/2010 3:50 PM
This is not my favorite scent. At all. My son gifted this to my sister and everytime I smell it over her house I get a bit dizzy. It's such an overpowering scent to me. I feel like the sandalwood and patchouli should be more calming and soft and I am not sure if it is the dianthus blending with the ginger or what but this is pungent to me. Very, very pungent and old-man-like. Not something I would burn in my home.
If I were to give this fragrance a......
Susan Webster Adams (Candles Off Main) 10/17/2010 8:16 AM
Month: January State: Alaska Animal: Grizzly Bear Color: Black Age for the fragrance: rebellious 17 year old angry at the world Element: Fire
It's bark is worse than it's bite
Susan Webster Adams (Candles Off Main) 10/16/2010 8:31 PM
The warm throw on this candle is much smoother than I would have guessed from it's super-charged spicy cold throw, but it still has an edge to it. Dianthus comes across like a mix between cinnamon and clove creating an aggressive spicy note. The ginger gives it a real kick creating a 1-2 punch with the spices. Patchouli and sandalwood bring the the fragrance down to earth but are indistinguishable to the overwhelmingly spicy aroma. I'm surprised that this power-packed combination of scents isn't overwhelming in fragrance. It filled the room perfectly without strangling me. I don't think there is any amber or wood in this candle so I can't understand the name. I couldn't find any tea in it either, though the candle would go very nicely with a steaming hot cup of tea on a brisk day. If you need to be warmed deep into your soul, this is your candle. It feels like a long, hot soak in a jet tub. Fragrance intensity: 3/5. Burn quality 4/5.
Candle Review
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 7/20/2010 4:26 PM
This candle reminds me of my friend's house. I got this candle as a gift back in the winter for both my aunt and my friend. They both share a love of all things woodsy and whenever I go to my friends home she always has it lit. I am not a huge fan of the scent though. I think the sandalwood & patchouli are too pungent in this and the ginger adds a twist to it. It's a very warm scent with a slight edge to it though. I am glad that my friend enjoys it as much as she does! I personally am not the biggest amberwood scent fan though. I think it is OK but I wouldn't buy it for myself.