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Votivo Candles

If you’re searching for the perfect fragrance to enhance your home or business, chances are you’ll find it among the Votivo Candle collection. Votivo candles are made to be a cut above the rest. With their long clean burning design and rich luxurious scents, Votivo candles truly deserve to be called luxury candles. In fact, Votivo is the first American company to produce luxury candles, and their products have elevated the craft of candle making to a true art.   

If you’re already familiar with the Votivo line of candles, we also offer Votivo room spray that captures the same fragrance in a convenient spray.  Transform your living space with one of the lush scents from Votivo. With highly fragrant candles like the popular Votivo red currant candle in the Aromatics Collection or Sumatra Lemongrass in the French Collection, it’s easy to find a Votivo scent to fill your home at Candles Off Main!

Votivo Holiday Candle Joie de Noel
Votivo Joie de Noel Candle
MSRP $32.00
Price $29.00
Votivo Aromatics Collection Teak Candle at
Votivo Teak Candle
Price $26.00
Votivo Teak Diffuser
Votivo Teak Diffuser
Price $40.00