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Votivo Red Currant Candle

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Votivo Aromatics Collection Red Currant Candle at
Price: $28.00
A savory blend of tart red currants and golden fruit glaze ladled over coarsely ground vanilla bean ice cream and service alongside of raspberry filled sugar cookies the original Red Currant.
Top notes: earthy green, galbanum, tart citrus. Middle notes: cassis, tropical fruit. Base notes: fruity musk.

The Votivo Red Currant candle is hand-made in the USA using 6.8 oz of highly scented soy wax and a lead-free, cotton wick. Votivo candles have an estimated burn time of 50 hours. Any Votivo candle is sure to fill a room with fragrance. Be sure to buy several Votivo Red Currant candles! This top seller makes great gifts.

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Clean & Crisp Scent
Jenna (Millersville, MD) 3/28/2013 7:51 PM
Not as strong as I would prefer, but an excellent candle for those who might not be able to handle strong fragrances. It didn't fill the room as much as I would have liked. The burn quality was excellent, burning evenly. I picked up the key notes of the red currant and fruit, not so much of the vanilla bean or sugar. I would most likely burn this candle in my kitchen after cooking, it has a clean, crisp scent. This is a great fragrance for both men and women, making this a great gift to give.
Ashley (Chattanooga, Tn) 10/14/2010 3:21 PM
These candles may be a bit more pricey than what some are willing to pay, BUT I can promise you, they are worth it! In my experience they are able to fill a whole home with just two or so candles per floor. The Red Currant is my all time favorite scent. I try new things, but always go back to No. 96! I have had experience with the candle jars getting "dirty" or black, but it is easily wiped off with a paper towel. Other than that, I highly recommend Votivo candles, and I always will! Great product!
Excellent quality, mediocre scent
Dina (Cleveland, OH) 9/16/2010 11:56 AM
First of all, this was the best burning candle I have ever had. There was no smoke, it burned evenly with no tunneling and the flame was perfect with no flickering. Excellently made! The scent throw was amazing, filling a large room very quickly. I know that Red Currant is Votivo's best selling fragrance, but to me it was just OK. I'm not sure how to describe it, tart maybe. I think I prefer more of a sweet or spicy scent or maybe it's just currant that I'm not a big fan of. Many, many people love Red Currant and this may be the perfect scent for you, it just wasn't for me. There's no denying that Votivo makes excellent candles and I'm hoping to try another scent in the near future!
Beyond Potent!
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 7/22/2010 10:01 PM
This is the strongest Red Currant scent I have tried. It is literally one of the most POTENT and intense fragrances I have burned. I haven't had it in a while but the last time I burned it I would keep it in the kitchen of my old house. This fragrance was SO strong that it would waft through the kitchen, into the dining room and even manage to fill up the adjoining great room with a large cathedral ceiling! The whole house smelled like this. The currant is zingy and there are some undertones of vanilla that I remember sensing in this scent that really rounded it out nicely. This is a really clean and fresh candle. I have wanted to get it over the last year or so but always find myself wanting to try new stuff and this winds up on the backburner. It is a great currant fragrance though for those of you in search of something sweet, zesty & refreshingly tart. I hope Red Currant & I wind up together again someday. Votivo scents are UBER-strong and pretty inexpensive. I am not however the biggest fan of how they burn. I have had some "dirty" candles (my word for a candle that gets blackened around the rim) over the years by Votivo and I find that slightly odd. My friends and family that I have gifted these to in the past have had no issues or problems and I will even see there candles sitting on counters or tables and notice how clean they look. I wonder why Votivo candles and I don't get along in that regard? Weirdness! Strong scent though. Big bang for your buck!