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Votivo Seablue Sky Candle

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Votivo Aromatics Collection Seablue Sky Candle at
Price: $26.00
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The sensory delight of wide open spaces, dancing kites, foggy blue grey seahorses and the souls of dew-drenched lavender buds and moistened, softened amber remnants romance on the eve of spring.
The Votivo candle Sea Blue Sky is hand-made in the USA using 6.8 oz of highly scented soy wax and a lead-free, cotton wick. Votivo candles have an estimated burn time of 50 hours. Any Votivo candle is sure to fill a room with fragrance.

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Salty and Summery
Sue (Candles Off Main) 7/24/2010 12:53 PM
Like Ryan, I didn't pick up on the lavender or amber notes either. I did, however, think this smelled exactly like summery, salty ocean air. My only disappointment was that it wasn't fragrant enough, by Votivo's standards. Usually Votivo candles are overwhelmingly fragrant for me, but this one was subtle. It burned cleanly for me, but after 2 hours I did have to adjust the wick slightly more towards the side that wasn't melting to get an even wax pool. A minor fix for my uber-neurotic candle habits. After 4 hours it was level across the top and gorgeous. I would recommend this as an ocean scent. My only concern is if it’s strong enough for Votivo fragrance fanatics.
Candle Review
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 7/22/2010 10:13 PM
This candle baffled me when I had it. I didn't catch the lavender notes or the amber and trying to flush out "fresh air" is always tricky to me. I think Seablue sky smells more cologne-like then anything else. There is something fairly masculine about the scent which is nice. The problem, for me, with cologne-like scents is that I tend to shy away from them because I like the scents that I surround myself with to vary from something that I might want to wear on myself when I leave the house. I don't really want to burn a candle that smells like my cologne. It's slightly odd. It has that "matchy-matchy" weirdness to it that is a little creepy to me. If you like cologne-like fragrances though this is a great idea to go with. Votivo are super, super fragrant and will surely fill up whatever room you are aiming to add some scent to with no problem. I don't like this one as much as I like other Votivo's that I have tried in the past though.