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Votivo Smoke on the Water Candle

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Votivo Aromatics Collection Smoke on the Water Candle at
Price: $28.00
The smell of sweet caramel musk and the residue of smoked cedar, evergreen and hickory oak chips enshrouded with the cold, wet mist of moss and fallen summer leaves- the ensuing dawn on the lake after a night of discussion around the hearth.
Top notes: nutmeg, fir needles, clove. Middle notes: caramel vanilla, amber, cedar. Base notes: sweet musk, sandalwood, guaiacwood.

The Votivo candle Smoke on the Water is hand-made in the USA using 6.8 oz of highly scented soy wax and a lead-free, cotton wick. Votivo candles have an estimated burn time of 50 hours. Any Votivo candle is sure to fill a room with fragrance.

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amazing scent
jessica anger (florida) 12/18/2010 1:14 AM
i won a votivo smoke on the water travel tin and this candle smells amazing! it is my favorite candle! i also think it would be an awesome mens cologne if they ever think of making cologne!
Purchasing Agent
Dawn (Kent, OH) 11/30/2010 11:02 AM
I only had a tin to burn, which I was lucky enough to win from the wonderful owners of COM, but I could smell Smoke On the Water all over the upstairs of my home. I will be buying the largest size. It's addicting. The caramel and the smoke seem to me to be the top notes, but the smoke is a soft smoke made up of clean hickory oak wood. Not as harsh as a bonfire, but definitely a reminder of a night on the beach or a romantic time at home by the fireplace. The resin of the leaves and the evergreen is it should be. Definitely there. When the candle is blown out...the smell still lingers for awhile. Just altogether a must have for those who like candles but not the real sweet stuff!
Hauntingly Beautiful
Caitlin (Ontario, CA) 10/1/2010 5:56 PM
Smoke on the Water is a surprising fragrance. When I burn this candle, I literally picture a smoldering bonfire wafting over the top of a calm lake on a cold October night. The candle is haunting—the smoke is but a mere touch that accents the overall fragrance. Warm caramel musk blends with light watery tones that are accented by smoky cedar and oak notes. Smoke on the Water takes you to a forest by the lake—it is extremely calming, dark, and can set the perfect mood on a cool autumn evening.
Surprisingly Elegant...
Ryan (Cleveland, Ohio) 9/20/2010 8:48 PM
I received a travel tin of this scent a couple weeks ago and was honestly not very impressed with the cold scent of it. My initial impression was that Smoke On The Water was too "dirty" smelling. It reminded me a bit of a bonfire that had been put out by a rainstorm. But, after burning, I quickly fell in love with the enticing blend as it came together in such harmony. The ashy, dark, earthy notes fade more during the burn and the sweet caramel musk come to the forefront along with the Hickory Oak Chips and Smoked Cedar. The sweetness of the caramel mixing with the natural wood accents unite to evoke an almost sensual experience. I love how delicate and pretty this candle actually burns. It surprised me with it's feminine throw. I was expecting something a lot more MASCULINE with this, but was pleased to experience such a lovely, calming fragrance with this.