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LAFCO Forest Oakmoss Absolute Candle
    LAFCO Forest Oakmoss Absolute Candle
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    • LAFCO Forest Oakmoss Absolute Candle

    • $115.00

      Opoponax | Oakmoss Absolute | Vetiver

      LAFCO Forest Oakmoss Absolute fragrance has this distinctive mossy intensity at its core, sweetened with a drizzle of cognac. Violet leaf blossoms, warm amber and incense envelop, creating a majestic, verdant scent experience. 15.5oz, 90-hour burn time.

      About Absolute Fragrances 
      Rendered through a complex process of extraction and concentration, absolute fragrance oils capture and preserve the subtle and delicate olfactory notes found in natural botanical materials.

      Each glass vessel in the LAFCO Absolute Collection is a brilliantly colorful one-of-kind work of art, crafted by master artisans using time-honored tools and techniques.
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    We are honored to introduce the new Absolute Collection, which harnesses the power of highly concentrated fragrance oils known as absolutes to create an exquisitely aromatic experience that is uniquely true to nature. Paired with layers of color in handblown glass to create a shimmer of hues, each candle has been designed to illuminate your space and your senses. A pure expression of our commitment to natural ingredients, traditional craftsmanship, and principled practices, the Absolute Collection brings a new level of artistry to home fragrance and luxury candles.

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