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Rigaud Lavande (Lavender) Refill Candle (Recharge)
    Rigaud Lavande (Lavender) Refill Candle (Recharge)
    Purchase Rigaud Lavande (Lavender) Refill Candle (Recharge)
    • Rigaud Lavande (Lavender) Refill Candle (Recharge)

    • $85.00

      Lavender is a new introduction by Rigaud in their Single Flower Fragrance Family. It is a beautifully modern interpretation of classic French Lavender flower. Large refill (recharge) size. Approx 90 hour burn time. Snuffer top NOT included.

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    Rigaud has been producing highly scented candles for more than half a century. Each luxury candle is hand-poured and inspected to insure a premium quality product.

    Riguad candles burn evenly, without leaving any deposit on the glass and they do not tunnel, unlike hard wax candles.

    The unique soft patented wax formula for Rigaud candles has a longer burning capacity than other candles,

    melting and re-solidifying to look as beautiful after multiple uses as when it first came out of the box.

    Rigaud is the luxury home fragrance par excellence, known worldwide and appreciated by candle connoisseurs everywhere.

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